The beauty about MCM (My Christian Media) is that it is completely free to signup and there are zero fees to sign up and zero monthly fees.  We only collect a 15% fee when a purchase is made.

We highly recommend a Stripe account.  It’s completely free and easy to setup.  If you connect your stripe account, you receive your payment immediately through the Stripe platform.

Credit card payment transaction will be taken care of by our trusted partners STRIPE. They are truly professional with a very secure and reliable system. With Stripe, they can process all major credit cards including Visa, MasterCard, American Express and Discover .

For now, you will have to handle each order you receive.  We may provide this service in the future.

MCM (My Christian Media) focuses on a niche market and below you will see the products you can sell…

√ DVD & Blurays (No Digital Options yet)
√ CD/MP3 (Music) – Digital Option available
√ Books (Physical & Ebooks)
√ Apparels (Tshirts, Polo Shirts etc)

Your customers can make a refund directly from the MCM platform.  You will receive an email for such request and you will handle it on your end.  We can step in only if necessary.

We offer a platform that directly connects with the audience that buys your products; Additionally, there are zero fees to signup, zero monthly fees.  The only fees that you ever pay is the 15% fee and it is applied only when a purchase is made.

Not a problem, we have a feature where you can temporarily suspend your account, we call it “Vacation Mode” and you can add a specific message for our customers.  You can also setup a start and an end date.

Yes, you can add staff with different levels of access.  Simply go to your Vendor’s Dashboard and set it up.